Snow guards for vent pipes

snow guards for vent pipes

Snow poses serious threat to all the elements of the roof and everything that is beneath it. Sooner or later the accumulated snow gains mass and speeds down the roof with a drastic outcome.

To prevent snow and ice from going off the roof or objects falling from it, the roof experts have engineered devices called snow retainers or guards.  Such product adds support and strength to the profile (standing seam, metal tile or corrugated) as well as to the pipes, chimneys or masts.

So, the snow stoppers restrain the pressure of the snow and ice mass descending from the pitch and an infinite number of ice clusters, letting only the safe portions pass through pipes located at a certain height above each other. Meanwhile, the large layer remaining on the roof gradually melts. The melted water flows down the slope and away through the drainage system.

Snow guards work surprisingly well not only for roof, but for chimney, vent pipes, skylights. Below we will dwell on this question in detail.

Snow guards for skylight
Snow guards for skylight

Why do Vent Pipes need protection?

When arranging a vent system, most people focus on the selection of the main pipe and other elements, without which the installation of the chimney is impossible, but at the same time they ignore the safety details. Although the service life of the system and the safety of its use often depend on them.

If there is a lot of snow and ice descending from the slope (the risk is especially high in spring or during a thaw), the large mass is pressed against the chimney. As a result, the snow and ice bulk can damage or even crash the pipe. The result of such accident will surely result in costly repair works. The situation however is easily prevented by installing a special snow guard. It breaks the snow mass into parts, so the likelihood of a large pressure on the pipe is excluded.

Apart from the classic snow guard, the roof safety specialists have engineered the chimney snow holder also known as pipe protector.  This option will fit any roof pitch or profile. Essentially it is an arrangement of metal tubes or a metal triangle which is installed in front of the chimney (or other protruding elements) and protects a standing profile and its parts it from accidental breakage. The safety device is usually made from non corrosive powder coated metal and is fixed with the stainless steel nuts bolts and heavy-duty accessories. Overall, the installation is quick and easy.

According to its function, it can also be called the snow diverter. It is not an obligatory element, but its installation allows you to prevent the vent pipe from being knocked over by the avalanche or from the leakage around the pipe area. This is a simple but reliable chimney protection, the installation of which cannot be overestimated.

Safe Roof Experts offers products of any shape and color. The device will in no way interfere with the exterior design. If necessary, our specialists will help you determine the form and other criteria that play a functional or aesthetic role.

How does the snow guard for vent pipe work?

The regular snow guard for metal roofs works perfect for any elements of the roof. However some roofing companies offer special devices. The snow diverter is installed in front of the chimney or vent pipe to cut the snow layer, which nears the chimney when snow starts melting. In addition to slicing the formation, the design of the snow diverter also helps to dump the snow mass sideways.

This snow device is usually made in a triangular shape. The dimensions may differ depending on the roof material, design features of the vent pipe and other details.

Although the appearance of the snow holders for vent pipes, chimneys or starlight may vary slightly, they perform the same function. Their main purpose is to protect the chimney, pipes and starlight from an avalanche coming down from the slope. The snow mass weighs a lot, so it can easily collapse the protruding elements of the roof. The snow guard or snow diverter divides the snow and ice mass into parts and directs them sideway so there is no risk of damaging the system. The presence of such simple element will surely prevent costly repairs. In addition, snow holder or snow diverter will guarantee no leakage around chimney, starlight, or the vent pipes.

Design Features

Externally, the design of the snow retainers is simple. The most popular option is steel. In addition, we also manufacture devices from steel, copper, coated aluminum and stainless steel. Our products can be painted in any color from the RAL spectrum, which means that the safety system will not stand out against the roof design and will easily fit the exterior of the house. There is also an infinite array of sizes to fit your project.

snow guards for skylight
snow guards for skylight

Why Safe Roof Experts?

We produce snow stoppers for vent pipes in different sizes, but if you did not manage to find a suitable option, we will make the custom-tailored system of the required parameters. All products are manufactured at the factory; therefore, we guarantee high quality. It takes us up to 3 days to manufacture. Our experts will help you determine the size of the snow guards for your pipes and other parameters, depending on the roof. All our products have warranty. We work with any kind of metal roof (standing seam, metal tile, corrugated, etc.) and will find solutions to fit any roof pitch.