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A corrugated roof, as well as any metal roof(standing seam, metal tile, etc.), requires the installation of snow guards. The lack of high-quality designed snow retention system can turn into an avalanche of snow masses and lead to damage to the façade, as well as to objects located below.

It is normal for corrugated metal rooftop snow to accumulate over the winter and melt in the spring. And it is not acceptable if the snow speeds up from the roof in enormous chunks. This explains why a lot of people choose they roofs to be painted in a dark color. The dark roof quickly heats up from the spring sun and the snow immediately melts, being held by the obligatory snow stoppers. It easily and quickly flows into the drain. This is not at all the same situation when no snow guards holds the snow mass and huge layers of snow simply break off under their own weight.

Consider there are no snow guards mounted on the corrugated roof. In this case the sliding coefficient is especially high. Without snow retention system the snow cannot stay on the pitch roof. Instead, the accumulated mass is heated by the sun through the metal, or by heat from the indoors, and the avalanche streams down the watery surface without any specifically designed snow guard to stop it.

Such uncontrolled descend of snow during a thaw can lead to injury of people and damage to property. In addition, the rafters will be skewed, and the roof deforms when the snow pressure is distributed unevenly. It usually happens when heavy snow mass has descended one section of the roof, but the main snow layer still remains in other places. With that said, you can spare yourself a lot of trouble in future by having the snow guards installed on the corrugated roof.

The use of metal snow guards performs the following functions:

  • Provides protection from uncontrolled snow descent
  • Eliminate the necessity to manually remove snow from the roof .
  • Prevent rolling and collapse of snow caps.
  • Protect the facades of the building and people passing below from falling icicles.
  • Save the roofing structure (whether it is corrugated, standing seam or metal tile roof) type.

Corrugated Metal roof Snow Guard

Tubular snow guards for corrugated roof are basically the structure of 2 pipes located one above the other and connected by supports. The use of such type of snow guard option can both retain the snow on the roof and “slice” the snow mass, allowing it to descend to the ground in small safe portions.

Tubular roof snow guard look like a set of oval steel pipes that run along the roof. Fasteners and brackets are available for different shapes and heights of the corrugated profile. Metal tubular snow guards for corrugated board can be either match the roof or be simply galvanized without polymer coating.

Enhanced Tubular Snow Guards

The typical tubular system can be upgraded with a designed focus on the corrugated roof. In this case the bracket of tubular snow guard is secured to the clamp which is screwed to the roof. Also, thanks to the oval shape of the tube, the system can withstand a higher snow load.

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