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During winter season a lot of precipitations get accumulated on the roofs of buildings. With heavy snowfalls, the thickness of the snow layer on the roof can reach 1 meter or more. Things become even more complicated once the temperature numbers drop. This leads to repeated thawing and freezing of the frosty cover. As a result, the layer becomes very dense and heavy. Finally, the mass of snow can amount to hundreds of kilograms.

When the thaw sets in, the whole mass begins to melt and a layer of water forms under it. Layers of snow and ice avalanche from the roof by leaps and bounds. What is more the smooth metal surface eases the slick decent. This often leads to damage of metal roofing, gutters, plantings underneath, cars and other property.

We, here at Safe Roof Experts believe that the simplest and most effective way to prevent avalanche melt is to install a snow retention system on the roof.

What is a snow guard on a metal roof?

Initially, the holders were made of wood. Their design and style was engineered very simply: it was a log attached to the roof slope with strong metal hooks. Interestingly, this design is featured as the pro-type of the modern tubular stoppers. The wood is a material with excellent performance characteristics, but it is susceptible to decay and deformation. For this reason, experts are using roof safety product made of metal.

We offer the universally designed and most efficient kind of snow stoppers: metal tubular snow guards (they can be made of steel, copper, aluminum).

While the type of snow guard remains the same, it differs by the way it is attached to the roof covering. Some of metal roof profiles require screwing down the safety products. However, with standing seam metal roof you need to preserve the integrity of the panels. That is why snow guards are attached to the standing seam roof using the brackets and clamps, no holes are made on the surface whatsoever.

What is the purpose of snow guards?

The snow retention system prevents the uncontrolled drop of the mass down the metal roof. It is important to remember that not only people are under the threat of being hit. In addition to that, the accumulated precipitation may also damage the roofing. It is also worth taking care of the gutters, which are the first victim of melted snow. Under its weight, the drain can break off or deform. The same type of damage applies to air conditioners breakage. That is why it is important and cost-effective to consider installing snow guards on the roofs.

Do roof snow guards work?

To make the best out of the safety products make sure they are installed properly and in the sufficient quantity. These two are the only reasons the snow guards sometimes get ripped off the panel. You roof will benefit greatly from the snow guards. You just need to doublecheck with the professionals that the system is firmly secured to the panel (screws, brackets or clamps are all in place), and the amount of devices is right based on the construction and the slope of the roof. The longer the slope, the more rows of snow holders are required to evenly distribute the load over the roof. The number of rows of snow holders depends on slope length, the roof pitch and the average snow load in the area where the house is located.

To sum up, installation of snow retention on the roof helps to address many issues and prevent many troubles:

  • If the snow slides, it slides down in small amount of broken chunks
  • Snow guard will help to keep the gutters intact
  • There is zero risk of injury and of damage to property
  • The service life of the roof will be extended (snow masses come off gradually, which reduces the risk of crashing slopes located under each other)
  • The owners do not have to clean the roof from snow

How do roof snow guards work?

Snow guard is meant for keeping the snow on the roof. And extra bonus of having the system is that the layer of snow provides an extra layer of insulation during cold season. Once the snow and ice start sliding down, it will be sliced by the tubes in small amounts of snow.

Do I need snow guards on my metal roof?

As said before, the specific surface of the metal roof contributes to the dramatically quick avalanche which will ruin the integrity and style of the property. To prevent this, the best solution is to have snow guards installed on the roof: may it be metal tiles, corrugated or standing seam roof, the precipitation will come down un small amount.

How many snow guards do I need?

When making a calculation for snow retention systems on the metal roof, it is necessary not only to install each snow guard onto the right place of the panel of the metal roof, but also to take into account snow loads. Otherwise, the protection against precipitation will not suffice. Traditionally, the rows of snow stoppers are installed along the perimeter of the roof. One row of snow products is usually enough to help to provide comprehensive protection against snow and ice.

However sometimes the architecture of the roof is complex, then the row of snow guards are necessary on each level. In some cases (with a long slope or very snowy winters), it is necessary to install snow guards in two or in three rows.

How much are snow guards?

The final price for the set of snow guard products depends on different factors: the type of metal roof, the type of the retention systems you choose and the measurements (length and pitch of the roof).

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