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If you wonder whether asphalt shingles roof needs snow guards, the answer is – yes. Snow guards are mandatory for any kind of pitched roof: new or old, slate, metal, or shingles roofing.

Frosted ice or melting snow during the cold season or thaw poses a serious threat to the roofing and its surroundings. It is dangerous for people and animals passing along the façade, for the equipment sitting under the eaves, parked cars, plants. There is also a risk of damage to the roof frame and its covering materials. Gutters and pipes can be completely ripped off the roofing by the descending snow mass.

The shingle roofs have their own peculiarities. One of the most important of them is that the angle of inclination of such a roof has minimal value. What is more, the asphalt shingles tiles have a rough texture: most often the outer coating of the tiles roofing is made of stone slate. For this reason, the sliding mass comes in contact with the roofing surface and is immediately slowed down by friction. Therefore, the risk of an avalanche is still there, but it is slightly less than for, say, metal roofing or other smooth surfaced roofs. Bear in mind, however, that any roof can face the aftermath of the snow breaking in the form of heavy ice blocks streaming down from the high roof. Moreover, as soon as it gains sufficient mass, the snow slides off any kind of roof despite the covering texture.

On the other hand, the slow but steady sliding of wet and heavy snow from the roof leads to the significant increase of the snow mass, and as a result, deforms the drainage system, roofing elements, and even rafters. Snow comes off the roof because of the heat coming from inside the building, and it does not matter how thick the insulation is. Therefore, be sure to consider the roof security system if you have not done so before. So let’s talk about guards for shingle roofs.

What kind of snow guards is optimal for shingles?

Snow guards for shingle roofs are used to evenly distribute the snow load on the roof surface. Also, such a safety tool prevents an avalanche of snow and ice, which will now slide down in even small portions. In general, snow protectors for asphalt roofs is a very popular safety measure for shingles roof. There is this universal type of snow guard – steel tubular snow guards, which is good for any type of roofing: asphalt shingle, slate, metal roofing. Essentially, the tubular snow guard systems represent several hollow tubes of small diameter up to 3 m long. This safety system is installed vertically one above the other using special support-holders. Depending on the number of tubes, the height of such a barrier can be quite tall. Tubular snow guards are often used in regions known for heavy snowfalls in winter. The new steel tubular snow guards have no doubt the strongest and most reliable snow catcher design. Many people also use steel tubular snow guards because of their simplicity and durability. They are enormously powerful and can easily withstand any amount of snow.

How to calculate the amount of snow guards?

Tubular snow guards are screwed to the base of the roof and thus installed along the eaves. The length of the structure is the length of the eaves multiplied by the number of ramps. You get the required number by dividing the previous result of multiplication by the length of the tubular snow guard.

How to order the snow guards for asphalt shingles roof?

If you are looking for the snow guard systems or have any questions concerning the safety of the new or existing shingle roof, please contact us at 888-751-0505. We will be more than happy to answer your questions about the use of the recommended materials and the safety of any type of roofs – slate, metal, metal tile, asphalt shingle roofs.