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Safe Roof Experts offer snow guards at prices recommended by the manufacturer. The new design produced under this brand combine quality of the material, exceptional functionality, durability, and ease of installation. The main task of the snow holder is to prevent large volumes of snow and ice from sliding off the roofs. The use of such safety devices is extremely important in all areas in the winter months when a monthly precipitation rate can fall within one day. Snow and ice falling off the roofs can seriously injure a person or damage a car parked near a building. Installing snow guards is a simple and economical way to avoid major avalanche of snow and ice. In addition, snow stoppers protect the gutters from blockages – the use of these simple structures secure and significantly extend the life of the drainage system. The peculiarities of snow guard installation to a large extent depend on the construction of the building and the roof covering material.

Snow guards for slate roofs

Snow guards for slate roofs

Snow retention system for slate tiles

Please bear in mind that it is best to have the snow guards at the stage the construction of the building and installation of the slate roof. Otherwise, the already closed tile layer will need to be partially dismantled. To install snow guards on such roofs, the specialist first fixes a support bar on it, thanks to which the load will be distributed evenly. Brackets for attaching snow have high bending rigidity and are equipped with special stops to control the depth of their “slip” under the upper module of the slate tile. Thus, the load on the battens is transferred not through the lower layers of slate, but through specially placed lining made of metal – copper, titanium, zinc or lead.

Why buy Snow Guard System from us?

Buying snow guards, you get a system with a very impressive package at a reasonable price. The package includes:

  • Snow-retaining pipes of oval section (of the needed feet size)
  • Brackets
  • Fasteners (self-tapping screw and sealing washers)
  • Seals to prevent loosening of the brackets attachment to the roofing
  • The necessary info and the installation instruction in English.

The benefits of working with Safe Roof Experts

Here you can buy any snow guards for metal, slate or shingle roof Safe Roof Experts offer you:

  • Fast order processing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast and careful delivery of ordered goods

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