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Safe Roof Experts specialize in manufacturing and supply of snow guards for standing seam metal roofs. With metal tubular snow guards your facility and the area around it are safe against sudden snow avalanches from the roof.

It is for this reasons that snow retention systems is installed – to prevent the sliding of snow “avalanches”. The appearance and functionality of the systems depend on the characteristics of the metal roofing structure.

Do snow guards work for standing seam metal roofs?

Such safety devices prevent massive uncontrolled sliding of snow or ice from the top of the house. The principle of operation of the snow retainer is based on chunking solid precipitations between the roof and pipes. In this way there is no hazard from sliced pieces of snow coming off down.

However if one chooses not to use the safety system the consequences of unpredicted avalanches can be quite drastic:

  • broken drainage system and gutters;
  • ruined landscape elements or any architectural elements near the building;
  • breaking the car parts or other equipment parked near the building;
  • a threat to the health and life to the people around or underneath the roof;
  • denting the standing seam metal roof sheets, especially on the complex structures where the slopes are located one above the other.

Such safety systems not only provide snow retention on a standing seam roof, but benefits the building in many other ways:

  • facilitate the operation of the metal roof;
  • prevent breaking the gutters system during the snow melting period;
  • guarantee the safety of people around or underneath the structure.

Thus, the use of snow stops with standing seam roofing is one of the first priorities according to the safety standards. It is not necessary to install the snow system along the entire perimeter of the roofs, several will be enough above the entrance, windows, or parking will be enough.

Damage from metal roof snowfall

Damage from metal roof snowfall

What options are there for a standing seam panels?

The most often option for standing seam metal roof is tubular snow retainers. Their design of such snow guard is quite simple – two metal hollow or one-piece pipes, which are installed parallelly with the help of the support-brackets. How each snow guard will be positioned depends on the size and the length of the slope. For standing seam roofs, it is appropriate to use especially designed connecting terminals to ensure the joint is tight and proper. The main difference between snow guards for standing seam and the conventional snow systems is the fastening. In this case using the clamps does not affect the integrity of the seam.

This snow system is considered one of the most durable and is recommended for high loads. The standard pipe length is 3 m. Depending on the pitch and snow load, the distance (step) between the brackets, can be 60 cm, 90 cm and 120 cm (2′, 3′ and 4′). The cross-section of pipes can be round or oval. Copper, steel or aluminum are used as materials for manufacturing snow guards. For additional protection against corrosion, the structure is coated with paint powder, which, moreover, can match to the building style and roof color, thereby improving the appearance of the facility. If you are on the budget, you can opt for products made of hot-dip galvanized steel. They are inexpensive, yet durable. Apart from the tubes and brackets the snow retention system always come with the weather-resistant gaskets and clamps.

Snow guards for standing seam metal roofs

Snow guards for standing seam metal roofs

Depending on snow load, roof angle (slope) and length of slope (distance from eave to peak) we can calculate the number of rows of snow guards. The best thing is that with these type of snow holders you do not have to penetrate the metal roofing panel, ruin the seams and damage the natural water-proof barrier. The specific procedure of snow guard installation makes it possible to preserve the integrity of the covering, which is a fundamental condition for this type of roof. On top of that, it also makes it possible to do without manipulating the lathing and fixing support brackets (in the case of other types of snow stops).

The brackets are equipped with special clamps. You can contact us to order the snow guards for standing seam roofs. Or you can get some advice on the selection of snow barriers of one type or another from the manager by phone 888-751-0505.